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Commercial Services

If you’re getting ready for a commercial construction project, EarthDig can provide the excavation, land clearing, and foundation services you need. Develop your acreage, construct a new building, and turn your vision for your brick-and-mortar into reality.

Based in Morgantown, WV, our excavation company has worked with commercial businesses, local builders, and homeowners throughout Northern West Virginia since 1990. We work to provide the best and most stable foundation that a building should have.

How We Can Help

Conducting business in Appalachia is exciting and rewarding. With a full range of excavating and construction services, EarthDig works with business owners and local builders to provide the very best in excavation, construction, and foundation repair. We can handle all of your needs.


Demolition and disposal of materials is necessary if there is currently a building there. If this is the initial service needed, we can work with you to provide it. From there, you will have clear land to build and develop on.

Land Clearing

Clearing the land is ideal once a demolition is done, or even when there is a lot happening. If this is the case, it is important to have our team come out and provide a helping hand. We can clear, clean up, and dispose.

Bulk Dirt Removal

Bulk dirt mounds can create an uneven foundation and interfere with your ability to use concrete in the construction process. Don’t let this happen to your commercial building. We can remove the bulk dirt and smooth the land out.

Foundation Work

We provide high-performance digging and concrete work, including standard slab foundation, containment walls, foundation waterproofing, and repairs. We can offer on-going foundation services once the concrete is poured.

Sheeting & Shoring

Safety and stability is essential, and when it comes to sheeting and shoring, we provide the best and strongest materials to hold the area.

Erosion Control

Protect your area and the natural land around it with erosion control. This slope can cause serious issues with the foundation, as well as the commercial space. We specialize in grading, evening, and installing retaining walls.

Slip Repair

Unstable slope conditions in Appalachia are common. Repairing a slip around the structure should be done as soon as damage or water runoff issues are noticed.

Complete Site Work (Design/Build)

We can work with you from start to finish on the site that you’re looking to develop. From design to implementation, to those final touches, we can walk you through the process, so you can feel confident with the site’s outcome.

Septic System & Underground Utilities

The drainage, septic, and underground systems of the building are going to be important once the project is completed. We can build the lines, and create the space needed to run these parts through efficiently.

Road Building

Installing a roadway or driveway should be done by a professional. We provide road building services, so you can provide the best place for your visitors to park while at the building. Big or small, we can do it all.

Clean Fill & Topsoil

Topsoil is essential in many areas of the commercial job site. Whatever the need for this, it is important to speak with our company regarding the topsoil, clean fill, and additional services we provide. We can save you time and money.

Yard Installation

Our professionals have the expertise and equipment to handle all of your major landscape needs. From building retaining walls to land grading and leveling, we create a landscape that welcomes customers and clients to your business.

We offer the best commercial services for your build. Call 304-241-4162 today!

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