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Residential Services

Every home deserves a strong and stable foundation. At EarthDig, we provide a wide scope of excavation and land clearing services to make your vision for your property a reality. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or want to develop part of your acreage, our team is ready to help every step of the way.

Based in Morgantown, WV, our excavation company has worked with homeowners and commercial clients throughout Northern West Virginia since 1990. We take pride in the work that we do and we strive to make every client happy with their final outcome.

How We Can Help

Building a home in Appalachia is as challenging as it is fulfilling. EarthDig provides a full range of excavating and construction services to handle all your needs. Let us be your go-to contractor when starting a new construction project.


We’ll kickstart your construction project right with our demolition and disposal services. No matter what types of materials or challenges we’re working with, we can pave the way for a successful construction project.

Land Clearing

Clearing your lot is no easy feat. We’ll remove vegetation, rocks, trees, roots, bushes, and other undesirable elements that can obstruct the construction process and cause problems years down the line.

Bulk Dirt Removal

Moving and hauling off large amounts of dirt should be left to the professionals. If the project is not executed properly, an uneven foundation can result in disastrous and costly problems. Soil is heavy and tough to work with, and our team harnesses the experience and equipment to successfully remove your dirt and soil.

Foundation Work

Let us lay the strongest and most durable foundation for your new structure. We provide high-performance digging and concrete work, including standard slab foundation, containment walls, foundation waterproofing, and repairs.

Sheeting & Shoring

When your existing structures require support during the construction process, we can sheet and shore the work area efficiently and provide safety and stability.

Erosion Control

Building a new structure along steep slopes comes with many challenges. When it comes to preventing runoff and protecting your home and natural resources, our team will be there to provide powerful erosion control solutions and minimize damage to the ground.

Slip Repair

Unstable slope conditions in Appalachia are common. A failed slope can cause serious damage to your structure. Our professionals have experience repairing steep slopes throughout the region. We can excavate and repair a failed slope and optimize your property’s water runoff system.

Complete Site Work (Design/Build)

From conceptualizing your new structure to its completion, our team is capable of overseeing the entirety of your construction project. We’ll work with you to determine your land’s immediate and future needs and execute cost-effective construction solutions.

Septic System & Underground Utilities

Optimizing your underground utilities is key to a successful home completion. Our team can plan, personalize, and execute the installation of your drainage, septic, and underground systems.

Road Building

Need to build a driveway or roadway? No matter how extensive the project may be, we can prepare your land for a new, safe roadway.

Clean Fill & Topsoil

Your land may not have an ample supply of topsoil or uncontaminated fill that’s clear of debris, rocks, clay, and sand. We sell clean fill and topsoil to streamline projects, providing one convenient point of contact for our clients. No middle man. No delays in construction. We can provide the clean fill and topsoil you need to elevate the ground, fill holes, and optimize your landscape.

Yard Installation

No matter the challenge, we have the expertise and equipment to handle all of your major landscape needs. From building retaining walls to land grading and leveling, we can create the landscape of your dreams for all of your immediate and long-term plans.

Get digging & reach out to us to begin your new construction project!

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