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Get Your Land Prepared with EarthDig

When it comes to preparing your land for construction, EarthDig can help you build a strong and stable foundation from the ground up.

Since 1990, we’ve served as a dedicated excavating contractor in Morgantown, WV, working with commercial and residential clients throughout Northern WV and the Mountaineer Country.

No matter what you’re up against, we have the capability, capacity, and expertise to tackle the toughest job sites. We look forward to working on your project and making your vision a reality!

Commercial & Residential Excavation in Appalachia

Excavation is vital to any construction project ﹣ whether you’re installing new underground utilities or building a new house, a commercial property, a driveway, or an inground pool.

At EarthDig, we offer a full scope of excavating and construction services to make your vision happen.

From foundation and bulk excavations to concrete work, drainage installation, and land clearing, we do it all. Our team combines four decades of experience to meet all of your excavation and site development needs with superior craftsmanship and delivery, every time.



Leading the Way in Construction & Site Preparation

EarthDig is proud to serve at the forefront of West Virginia’s construction industry. Owner Matthew Behnam started out doing concrete and small dirt work in 1990. He graduated from West Virginia University and continues to grow with every new job. He started Unique Homes, LLC, a custom home building company, in 2010.

Working in unison as one passionate and talented team, EarthDig can provide our clients with collective knowledge and expertise in all areas of construction, yielding unparalleled results every step of the way.

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